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Since the onset of COVID-19, we’ve transitioned to an online professional and personal life—meetings, webinars and online learning, coupled with the continued preeminence of the OTT space. The Spring issue looks at a few of the rising players in the SVOD orbit, as well as how the online teaching experience has been for the educators among us.

IDA-Supported Doc of the Week

1 IN 7
Directed by
Sarah Schutzki
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This week's Doc of the Week takes into the United States' unprecedented public health crisis -- addiction. In an effort to better understand addiction as a biological and emotional affliction and to explore the multitude of ways it can manifest for millions of individuals across the United States, 1 IN 7 weaves one man’s personal struggles with depression and addiction and his experiences as a recovering alcoholic and substance abuser - explored over the course of his cross-country run from New York to Seattle - with the lives, stories, and circumstances of a range of other Americans living with or affected by the disease.